My name is Lucille Houston and I'm an Australian born & breed girl living in Los Angeles. Family is everything to me....I'm married to my best friend of twelve years, Benjamin David Houston & we are blessed enough to have four beautiful babies together. Savannah Winter, Lexi Milan, Bailey Love & Blaze Benjamin.



Outfit Pick-me-up...

Outfit Pick-me-up...


Today was one of those days where I woke up feeling tired and run down. 

We all have those days where if we're honest, the thought of rolling over and going back to sleep sounds far more appealing than getting up and being excited to face the day.  

Although I'm well aware the clothes we wear or the outfits we choose don't rule our emotions, I do find that on days where I'm feeling less than great putting a little more thought into what I choose to wear can actually make a big difference.

As someone who will always and forever appreciate simple color palettes, wearing plain black or rocking a simple pair of jeans & a tee, I think there is also something so uplifting about wearing color (or COLOUR as all my Australians would spell it haha)

When it comes to choosing a color or pattern to wear, you can't go wrong with a block color shift dress paired with neutral accessories. Although its a simple look,  its something that takes little time to put together ( yes please) and makes for a perfect outfit when you're rushing to get ready but still want to look semi put together.

What I love about this dress by Zara is that I can get away with wearing it all year round. The material is a thick knit so you could layer for the colder months.  And most importantly  the color is bold and bright... Total mood lifter!

So if you woke up today on the wrong side of the bed so to speak... take some time to be conscious about changing your mood...Choose to feel good about yourself because you deserve to!

Don't  be afraid to rock some color and have fun with it.  Regardless of trend or the opinions of others you should wear what makes you happy. Its just another fun way that we get to express ourselves.

Also shoutout to my cute lil side kick, who makes every outfit look better !

All my love,

Luc xx


dress- Zara // boots-  Steve Madden // backpack- MMS

Clean Cut Classic...

Clean Cut Classic...

Sleep Training...

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