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Fear Of God...

Fear Of God...


There is a reason why some people excel in life. Talent & skill help you to a certain point, connections & relationships may only get you so far, But people like Jerry Lorenzo, and his sister Natalie Manuel Lee understand that it really is about so much more. Jerry is the founder and creative director of Fear of God and Natalie is the brand manager. What I admire about them both is they get that it is about being positioned for a purpose. Its about using your platform for more than self gain, and helping others whilst still doing what you love.

When it comes to style, I personally love thinking outside the box. Being able to wear a dress and some killer heels one day and rocking a hoodie, statement bomber & nikes the next is what having fun with fashion is all about! Not limiting yourself to one genre, or style, but rather being able to express yourself depending on the mood of the day and carrying it out with confidence.

A few things I love about the line is that the pieces themselves don't sacrifice comfort for style. Comfort matters people!! And you can tell they are high quality, well made clothes. The type that become staples in your wardrobe. 

Fear of God is a higher end brand and their collection is on the more expensive side. But I love that they didn't want to limit their target market and partnered with Pacsun to make FOG. This collection is more affordable and accessible for those wanting to get their hands on similar styled pieces.

Another amazing reason why I wanted to feature Fear of God on the blog is that on October 10, Jerry Lorenzo and staff loaded two trucks full of shoes, clothing & water to hand out to many of LA's homeless on Skid Row. They documented this and it is worth watching at The Value of a shoe. What a beautiful depiction of using what is in your hand to fulfill what is in your heart.

Being blessed enough to know both Jerry & Natalie personally, I know they both have a heart for God & for people and it shows in the way they run their company.

I was able to ask Jerry some questions below about where he drawers inspiration from..Enjoy

1/What was the inspiration behind Starting Fear of God & how did you decide on that name for the line?

In doing a daily devotional, I was reading about the clouds and darkness surrounding the kingdom of heaven… the picture in my mind gave me a new peace and clarity about the depths of God’s kingdom and the wonder and majesty of God… The “Fear of God” became a peace in resting in the depths of the all-knowing God, and the “Fear of God” also painted a literal picture of fear for those who do not know Him… so I liked the foundations of this meaning… I also liked seeing our God as dark and “cool”… not dark in a demonic sense, but dark in a sense of “beyond” us… and finding a peace in so much that is beyond our understanding. Fearing him is the beginning of wisdom and thus being at peace in this crazy place we live in… 


2/ I know you that your faith is a big part of your life ... how do incorporate that into your business & your career.

I think that keeping God first is the objective in life period… work is just a small part of life that benefits from that principle. 

3/ Where do you draw inspiration from when designing new collections? 

I try to pull from everywhere except within fashion industry for inspiration… the more i am in fashion, the more i realize that in order to give to something, you must step outside of it… the more i look at fashion, the more ideas begin to look like everything else… 

5/What has been the biggest lesson you have learned in the process of building the business?  

Always remember the promise of what you first offered your audience… stay true to that and always over deliver. 

6/What do you want Fear Of God to be known for or marked by? 

I'm more concerned with how I live my life… more concerned with my legacy as a father, and a family man… and a man of God. 


Wearing Fear of God: Fourth Collection bomber in Merlot// Fourth Collection everyday hoodie in Heather Grey// FOG Camo jacket 

















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