My name is Lucille Houston and I'm an Australian born & breed girl living in Los Angeles. Family is everything to me....I'm married to my best friend of twelve years, Benjamin David Houston & we are blessed enough to have four beautiful babies together. Savannah Winter, Lexi Milan, Bailey Love & Blaze Benjamin.






Ok, first things first. A ‘shout out’ to the inspiration for this blog, “Pops” a.k.a. Brian Houston, who preached a message on RISK about 450 years ago when I first came to church. A message which I asked him about one time and he insisted he never preached….I knew better – the battle continued. Long story short, months later he discovered some notes on a message he did years ago on…you guessed it…Risk! Yes!! I was right! And it. felt. good!

So, it got me thinking about RISK – what a weird concept. In the dictionary it is defined as ‘the effect of uncertainty"

It is also said that there are three elements to risk: 
1) The perception that something could happen.
2) The likelihood of something actually happening
3) The consequences if that thing does happen.

Thinking about this kept me awake for a good few hours last night. The concept that we can miss out on so much in life purely because we are too scared to take a risk, what a sobering thought!  If we're to afraid to step into what's unknown, too shy to get out of what's ordinary and comfortable, then we will never be able to live our lives to the fullest. And I want to live how God has promised me I can – Abundantly! [ John 10:10 ]

So, this is my simple thought today; at the “risk” of this sounding simple I'm gonna just say it. I think that we should take more risks. And there are a gazillion ( thats definitely not a word) ways we can step outside the box and do just that. Some suggestions?…I thought you'd never ask.

Risk loving someone even at the fear of rejection – If you stop and think about it, God does it all the time. His love doesn't have strings attached, its not based off our reaction. He just loves us. Unconditionally,  flaws and all.

 Risk believing His Word and applying it to your circumstances EVEN if it seems like you've tried everything! Risk trusting even when you have been burnt in the past…easier said than done. Risk doing something you've never done – maybe sharing your faith, blessing someone that doesn't deserve it, being outrageously generous, maybe something practical like going for your dream job or starting that business venture you've always wanted to…I could go on!

Risk being vulnerable, not one of us has it all together and the truth is we need each other. People in my world who are real and authentic are some of my favorites to be around. 

Just think of all the risk-takers of our time and how different life would be if they hadn't chosen to take the leap! William Wilberforce took a risk and tried again after 20 long years of constant defeat & went on to be the fearless leader of a movement to abolish the slave trade! Mother Teresa left the comfort of her nunnery in 1948 to go to the slums and tend to the needs of the poor. She devoted her life to others – talk about a risk! If Brian and Bobbie hadn't decided to plant a church in Baulkham Hills Public School hall in 1983, we wouldn't have the thriving amazing, incredible church that we get to be a part of today! Bottom line is millions of people throughout history made decisions everyday to step out and take a risk. And whether big or small, it changed their world and the world of those around them. Let's learn from them and do the same!

I'll leave you with this – If someone hadn't taken a risk for you, where would you be today? Be that a little or big risk- God, life and those around us shape us into who we are today and Im so grateful for the people in my world that took a risk on me.

So let's be risk-takers in the right sense of the word and see what opportunities will come our way!

All my love,
Luc xxx