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Pregnancy Style

Pregnancy Style

What to wear when you can't see your toes!

Being pregnant is a complete miracle. The fact that God has designed a woman to bring life into the world is mind-blowing to say the least! And as much I love being pregnant and have been blessed enough to experience a life growing inside of me there definitely can be some challenges to negotiate along the way, one of which can be knowing what to wear as that beautiful bump grows & how to still feel great about yourself at every stage of your pregnancy journey.

As your body changes from one trimester to the next it can be frustrating to walk into your closet and realize you can no longer fit into your favorite pair of jeans…. Trust me I know the feeling well! Ive been there four times! But I also have learned that it is totally possible to feel good in your own skin and still be able to rock a great outfit baby bump and all!

Here are my top tips for having style throughout pregnancy & what to wear when you can't see your toes!


1. Create a separate ready to wear rack in your closet.

This is one thing that has helped me so much in pregnancy (that I learned to do the 2nd time around) Rather than walking into my wardrobe, being in denial that I can still wear anything I wanted, and then trying on a million  outfits and finding that only 4 or 5 things fit, which would result only in frustration & sometimes depression ( just kidding…sorta haha)

I took time to time to put aside what DOES fit and made it a separate place in my closet or in another room that I could pick a few pieces from that were ready to wear.

Even if it was 10 or 15 things that I knew I could mix and match it was way easier because it took the guesswork out of the equation as well as not having to look at all the clothes that DON’T FIT right now . So set yourself up for a win and put aside some great outfits that not only fit but that you can feel great in too.


2. Invest In a Few Maternity Pieces.

Again if your anything like me, you can easily go down the denial path and wear your regular clothes until they are stretched within an inch of their sanity haha OR you can invest in some maternity basics. For me that was a pair of jeans, black pants a few long black tank tops and some stretchy leggings.. When your pregnant its so important that your comfortable and having jeans cut off your circulation just because they look good is so not worth it! Just get a few maternity basics ( i'll list some of my favs below) and mix it with your clothes that you already have that will fit throughout your pregnancy too.



3. Layer & Accessorize

If I want to put an outfit together and still feel great whilst pregnant , layers and accessories are a must!  Mixing some maternity jeans with a long trench or adding a leather jacket to a simple tee can make all the difference.  Accessorizing can be great because you can rock them no matter what size you are! Adding a scarf, a chunky necklace or hat can make any basic outfit more interesting and don’t be afraid to add a lip color because even that can give the plainest of outfits that pop that it needs.

Most importantly just be you! Don’t be afraid to try new things and have fun with it. Know that you can absolutely look great in whatever season/trimester you find yourself in.

All my love,


maternity jeans/burgandy dress/off the shoulder black top- http://www.shoppinkblush.com
jean jacket- http://www.levi.com/US/en_US/
black blazer- http://www.zara.com
white swift dress- https://www.esther.com.au

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